No Bull. Just the facts (and lots of slobbery bulldog kisses).

Cascade Bulldogs is a bulldog blog dedicated to providing helpful information about raising, training and showing bulldogs. The stars of this website are two famous bulldog show dogs, Snow White and Wildflower. Their owners are Eddie and Gail Harris, a couple who has been showing bulldogs—often referred to as British or English bulldogs—in Seattle, Washington, since 2012.

Some of the information you can on find on our site includes:

  • Facts about bulldogs
  • Bulldog training tips
  • A detailed guide on how to show bulldogs.
  • Tips for caring for your bulldog
  • Photos and stories from celebrity bulldogs Snow White and Wildflower as well as Snow White’s adorable puppies

Meet Snow White!

Snow White was born November 29, 2013. Snow White is the more rambunctious of the two, and can be a bit of a handful in the ring, but she’s flashy and finished her championship in May of 2015 and her Grand Championship in October of 2015 right before she turned two. She was recently bred to Cherokee Origin “Just Johnny” and had her first litter of puppies March 14, 2016.

Meet Wildflower!

Wildflower was born May 13, 2014. She differs from Snow White in that she’s smaller, more compact and has beautiful red brindle markings. Wildflower’s first show was in December 2014, when she won “Best Puppy” at the Oregon State Bulldog Club Specialty Show. She was just seven months old! You can expect to see Wildflower in the ring a lot in the upcoming months!

Past Wins

Snow White


“Winner’s Bitch”, “Best of Winners and “Best of Opposite Sex” in July 2014

"Best of Opposite Sex" in the Linn County Kennel Club Show in February 2016

"Best of Breed" in the Mt. Baker Kennel Club show in 2015

“Best Puppy” at the Oregon State Bulldog Club Specialty Show, December 2014.

Upcoming Shows


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