About Cascade Bulldogs

Gail and Snow White in the Cascade Mountains
Cascade Bulldogs was launched in 2016 as a resource for those interested in raising and showing bulldogs. The site’s name was inspired by stars of the bulldog show world, Snow White, Wild Flower, Roxanne and their puppies as well as by the gorgeous Cascade Mountains that stretch behind Wildflower and Snow White’s home in Seattle, Washington.

About Cascade Bulldog’s Favorite Humans

Eddie and Gail Harris first fell in love with the bulldog breed in 2005 when they adopted their first bulldog, Snort. They’ve been happily raising bulldogs ever since.

They didn’t become interested in showing, however, until 2009, after Gail turned on the TV to find a bulldog named “Showbiz Razzle Dazzle” wowing the judges of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.  Showbiz Razzle Dazzle, who had made it to the Best in Show Competition, had had such a spunky personality that she’d had the audience (and even the judges) smiling. She certainly made an impression on Gail, who decided then that she wanted to learn more about the world of competitive dog showing. In the years that followed, Gail and Eddie became involved in the local bulldog club and purchased two more bulldogs, Matilda, and then two years later, Oscar. Snow White was brought home in February 2014 and Wildflower in September 2014.

Snow White became the center of attention in 2016 when she delivered a litter of nine beautiful bulldog puppies. Eddie and Gail are grateful to be working with breeders who have over 50 years of breeding experience. They’ve both been an invaluable resource; sharing their knowledge about puppy raising and assisting with Cascade Bulldog’s breeding program.

Eddie and Gail belong to the following organizations:

  • Bulldog Club of America
  • Bulldog Club of Greater Seattle
Gail and Wildflower
Gail and Snow White in the moutains