Treehouse Masters: ‘Mountainside Bulldog Bungalow’

In February of 2018, Eddie and I were featured on an episode of Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters—a treehouse design reality show. It was a fascinating experience and we love the treehouse that Pete and his team built. It’s both beautiful and functional and it turned out even better than we’d ever imagined.

Watch a short commercial clip of the episode, titled “Mountainside Bulldog Bungalow”:

Two of our bulldogs also made an appearance on the show: Titan and Roxanne.

We love the treehouse’s dog-friendly features

The house included a walkway entrance so that the bulldogs can enter easily. It also included a doggy door and several adorable interior design accents, including bulldog mugs, bulldog sheets and several framed photos of our bulldog puppies.

Watch a time-lapse of our bulldog bungalow being built:

For more great photos of the treehouse, visit the Nelson’s Treehouse website.

You can also watch the Bulldog Bungalow episode in its entirety online on Animal Planet’s website.