Are Bulldogs Good with Kids?

Are Bulldogs Good with Kids?

Are bulldogs good with kids?

Bulldogs are a frequently misunderstood breed because, just like the pitbull, they have a reputation for being aggressive (a reputation that is entirely false, as any bulldog owner will you). The misconception is due to the fact that several centuries ago, bulldogs were used for bull baiting, and were thus bred to be ornery and abrasive. Although this is no longer the case, the “bulldog is aggressive” myth lives on in sports memorabilia and cartoons. Several companies and sports teams use the bulldog as their mascot, portraying him in their logos and advertisements as being a fierce warrior. Despite the bulldog’s “tough guy” image, however, nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, the bulldog is a very gentle and sweet dog that makes an excellent family pet. Far from aggressive, bulldogs have a mellow demeanor and a deep capacity for love and affection. In fact, bulldogs are one of the best breeds for families with small children, as bulldogs love kids. 

3 Reasons Why Bulldogs Make Great Family Pets:

1. Bulldogs Consider Themselves Members of the Family

As a loyal companion dog, the bulldog is extremely affectionate towards and protective of children. Bulldogs’ patient personality make them particularly good playmates for children. But as with any dog, parents should take care that young children and bulldogs are never left alone together unsupervised.

Due to their dutiful nature, bulldogs consider themselves as more than just a child’s companion, but as a protective and valuable asset to the family. Bulldog owners often feel the same way, reporting that their bully is a cherished member of the family.

The bulldog stands out above other dogs for many reasons, but is particularly notable for its immense tolerance and patience, especially when interacting with kids. As a calm and docile animal, bulldogs are seldom known to bark unless they have something important to say and can even serve as a decent watchdog due to their loyal nature and yearning to contribute to the household.

2. Bulldogs are Loyal and Protective

While bulldogs don’t top  the”best watchdog breed” list, the bulldog’s stocky appearance means that he or she can act as a solid deterrent for would-be home invaders. While bulldog-lovers find their bully’s faces adorable, to an unsuspecting robber casing a house, the furrowed brow of the bulldog can look mean, and this can come in handy. However, as the bulldog is fundamentally a gentle and laid back animal, they are not able to respond to threats as well as more aggressive breeds. Still, with their renowned ability to create deep bonds of love, loyalty, and kinship with their families, the devotion of the bulldog ensures that he or she would try their best to protect their family if the situation warranted it.

3. Bulldogs are Mellow and Calm

Families with infants or toddlers won’t have to worry about the bulldog being too hyper or energetic. Unlike breeds that are more high strung, bulldogs are mellow and calm enough to be able to tolerate a young child’s inquisitive nature or rough and tumble play. Pulls to the ears and tail aren’t as likely to bother them as it would a more sensitive breed.

As a bulldog is content to lay on the floor and snooze for most of the day, the bulldog is not a particularly active dog, so care should be taken to ensure they receive enough exercise (but not too much), as their “couch potato” stereotype is a fairly accurate one. (Read: Why do bulldogs sleep so much?) Bulldogs are also known to be chronic chewers, so it is equally important that they are provided with abundant chew toys in order to prevent them from chewing on children’s toys.

Why Families are Sometimes Hesitant

Even with all of the benefits of owning a bulldog, families sometimes hesitate to choose a bulldog as their family pet due to the bulldog’s relatively short lifespan. Many would-be owners find it unbearable to think that they might love and care for a pet only to lose them in a few years, and this prevents many otherwise lovable bulldogs from finding homes. While this is an understandable fear, it’s also one of the sad truths about dog ownership; one day you’ll eventually have to say goodbye to your dog no matter how long he or she lives. With good care and proper nutrition, however, bulldogs can live ten or more years.


For a loving family ready to open their hearts to a new pet, the bulldog may just be the perfect choice. Its loyal nature and gentle soul mean that the bulldog can fast become a cherished”doggy sibling” to kids of all ages.

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