Snow White’s First Litter Turns 1! Happy Birthday, Cute Puppies!

Snow White’s First Litter Turns 1! Happy Birthday, Cute Puppies!

One year ago this month, in March 2016, Snow White the Bulldog delivered a litter of adorable bulldog puppies.

Here are the puppies in March 2016:

Snow White The Bulldog's litter of puppies March 2016

 And here they are in March 2017, all grown up!

They’ve all gone to live in their forever homes, where they are well loved and cared for by their families. We recently asked several of those families to send us pictures of their pups and they happily obliged. As you can see from the photos, all the puppies appear to be healthy and happy! Although we miss them dearly, we’re grateful to know that they’re doing so well and have found a cherished spot in each of their new family’s hearts and homes.

Without further ado, meet Snow White’s first litter.


Rubble The Bulldog

Rubble smiling


Rubble driving in the car

Rubble the bulldog puppy hugging

Rubble the bulldog puppy

Rubble and family

Rubble’s Birthday Party

Rubble the bulldog birthday

Rubble the bulldog eating birthday treat


Vince The Bulldog

Vince puppy and mom

Vince sleeping

Vince meeting friend

Vince and family

Vince’s Birthday Party

Vince and birthday cupcake

Vince eating birthday cupcake


Emma The Bulldog

Emma sitting at window

Emma the bulldog

Emma the bulldog sneezing

Cute Bulldog puppy Emma

Bulldog walking in the snow


Bernice The Bulldog

Bernice sitting and smiling

Bernice the Bulldog sitting in the car

Bernice the bulldog funny face

Bernice the bulldog superhero costume

Bernice the bulldog looking sleepy


Cute bulldog Bernice


Rory the Bulldog

Rory the Bulldog puppy

Rory the Bulldog playing in the Snow


Seamus the Bulldog

Seamus the Bulldog sleeping on a chair

Seamus the bulldog puppy sleeping at home in Seattle

Close up photo of a bulldog sleeping

And, of course, Declan The Bulldog!

Declan is one of Snow White’s puppies that we couldn’t bare to part with, so we decided to keep him. He’s grown up to be quite the champion show dog! We’re very proud.

Declan the bulldog

About Cascade Bulldogs: Cascade Bulldogs is a bulldog blog starring Wildflower, Snow White and her litter of bulldog puppies, which includes Declan (Search #DeclanTheBulldog on Facebook and Instagram to see more photos).

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