Summer Safety Tips for Bulldogs

Summer Safety Tips for Bulldogs

Snow White and Wildflower are fortunate to live in Washington State, where the summers are relatively mild in comparison to other areas of the country. Where elsewhere temperatures in June and July may reach the triple digits, in the Seattle area, the average high is in the low to mid 70s. Just because the temperatures aren’t scorching, however, doesn’t mean that bulldog moms and dads shouldn’t remain vigilant. Bulldogs are extra sensitive to heat and if they aren’t able to regulate their body temperatures, they succumb to heat stroke, which can be deadly.

In addition to the obvious ‘no’s no’s’ like “don’t leave your bulldog alone in the car” and “don’t tie your bulldog up outside in the sun”, here are some safety precautions to take this summer to ensure your bully remains happy, healthy and safe:

Tips for caring for your bulldog in the summer

For more bulldog health and safety tips, read our guide to caring for your bulldog.

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