16 Things Only a Bulldog Owner Will Understand

16 Things Only a Bulldog Owner Will Understand

Life is better with a bulldog.

You know it. Every bulldog owner knows it. Here are 16 things that only a bulldog mom or dad will appreciate.

1. There’s just something SUPER special about bulldogs.

bulldog dressed as wonder woman

Especially when they wear a cute outfit.

2. Others may think bulldogs are ugly or mean, but you know better.

Gail and white bulldog puppy

Nothing but cuteness here.

3. You can’t look at a bulldog’s wrinkly face and not think “Awww. Isn’t he precious?!”

cute bulldog puppy

A puppy is just cuter when it’s face is full of wrinkles.

4. You hear a bulldogs adorable snorts and grunts and your heart melts a little.

They speak their own unique language.

5. Nothing cheers you up more than seeing your bulldog’s excited “welcome home!” wobble

White bulldog running on the grass

Try to watch a bulldog run in excitement and not smile. We bet you won’t last two seconds.

6. Bulldogs make the best couch snuggle buddies.

bulldogs couch potatoes

They will never judge you for being a couch potato. And they’ll always be happy to be your date for movie night.

7. And the most love-able travel companions.

hiking with bulldog puppy

Their easygoing nature and laid-back personality make them the perfect road trip companions.

8. Others may think bulldogs aren’t athletic or graceful, but you know otherwise.

Could you jump that fence? We think not.

9. They’re great with kids.

They’re so gentle. And they have more patience than most humans.

10. And they’re not lazy.

They work hard when they’re motivated.

11. No matter how big they get, they’ll always want to be your “baby.”

bulldog will always be my baby

And you won’t mind a bit.

12. Whenever you come across another bulldog, you have to stop and say hello. Every. Single. Time.

man on floor with bulldog

Who’s a good boy?

13. Bulldogs are the best sleepers (and the funniest).

bulldog puppy sleeping

They sleep in the funniest places and positions! Like on the front porch steps.

14. Bulldogs may be stubborn. And they may try your patience from time to time…

It’s hard to stay mad though. Even when bulldogs are misbehaving, they can be hysterical. Bulldogs are such comedians!

15. But at the end of the day, the slobber and the stinky farts (and oh my God are they stinky) are all worth it.

cute bulldog puppy

How could you not love this face?!

16. Because your bulldog is your best friend.

White bulldog and owner

Always and forever.

17. And you can never have too many.

you can never have too many bulldogs

One is never enough!

About Cascade Bulldogs: Cascade Bulldogs is a blog dedicated to providing fun and educational information about bulldogs (or “English bulldogs,” as they are often referred). The blog is managed by Gail and Eddie, bulldog owners and breeders who live in the Seattle, Washington, area.

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